Policy Management – With many varied network-affiliated devices to manage, it’s no wonder organizations find strict policy enforcement time-consuming and challenging. We offer centralized policy management solutions that make it easy to ensure that all your gateways, mobile devices and endpoint devices are in compliance – and stay that way.

Monitoring and Analysis – When security events arise, you need well-defined follow-up procedures and visibility into critical security events impacting the organization. We can facilitate greater insight and efficiency in your event investigation with ongoing monitoring and customized reporting tailored to different stakeholder needs

Operations and Workflow – As network complexity grows, your security management processes inevitably slow down. Our Operations and Workflow solutions are designed to accelerate security management and restore efficiency with centralized device and user management, security best practices and automated change management.

Smart-1 Management Appliances– Our Smart-1 appliances are optimized for one-stop security management, combining policy management, monitoring and event management into a dedicated, high-performance appliance.

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